We work collaboratively to

  • support adult education and training across Ontario

  • build capacity through efficient and effective use of resources

  • develop and complete projects to support the adult literacy field

  • facilitate service coordination and planning

  • support knowledge mobilization and collaboration

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Who We Are
Why Does the "Learning Networks of Ontario" Exist?
History of the Learning Networks of Ontario
Our MTCU Core Funded Services

Who We Are

Learning Networks of Ontario (LNO) is made up of 16 learning networks from across Ontario. Each network provides

  • support to Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs through core services which are funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) as part of Employment Ontario (EO)
  • other services which vary across the province and are funded through fundraising, funders, donations and projects (i.e., centralized assessment, family literacy, Clear Writing, events, etc.)

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To learn more about Literacy and Basic Skills see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Does the "Learning Networks of Ontario" exist?

The Learning Networks are playing an increasingly important role in system planning, coordination and integration. This role is extended beyond the literacy field to include our other partners in Employment Ontario (employment agencies, apprenticeship). This role can be a challenge for a network to do on its own. So, although we are made up of individual networks we recognize that together, as "The Learning Networks of Ontario" we can make better use of limited resources.

As a group, the Learning Networks of Ontario

  • share resources to provide quality training to the Literacy and Basic Skills field
  • collaborate in areas that relate to service coordination
  • identify provincial needs and plan a response to identified needs
  • have a strong collective voice to advocate on behalf of learners, literacy programs and the literacy field
  • share expertise and experiences to learn from each other
  • create and collaborate on projects through various sources of funding
  • enhance knowledge mobilization

History of the Learning Networks of Ontario

We have been working collectively since networks were established and have formally called ourselves the Learning Networks of Ontario since 2010. Some Learning Networks have been around for almost 30 years. Many were developed at the grassroots level and run by volunteers. The purpose was to provide support to the small but determined group of people who were trying to help individuals upgrade their skills. Over the years the Learning Networks have built their capacity and now offer a range of supports to their communities.

Our MAESD Core Funded Services

As MAESD-funded support organizations we help to

  • build capacity of Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) agencies by
    • bringing them together for training
    • providing resources and support
  • bring awareness to LBS
    • providing information and referral services
    • linking adults to training
  • improve service coordination
    • coordinating literacy services planning
    • linking with other community agencies and employers

In response to their local needs, networks often develop services that are not funded by MAESD such as

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