We work collaboratively to

  • support adult education and training across Ontario

  • build capacity through efficient and effective use of resources

  • develop and complete projects to support the adult literacy field

  • facilitate service coordination and planning

  • support knowledge mobilization and collaboration

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Resources and Publications

Resources are submitted by individual Learning Networks across the province. Click on a link below to view the resources for each category.


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Assessment Webinar Series (2017-2018)
Northern Networks
Understanding the Difference Between Task-Based and Skills-Based Assessment (mp4)
The Right Choice: Choosing Assessment Tools and Methods (mp4)
Measuring Progress: Choosing Assessment Tools to Measure (mp4)
Tracking Learner Achievement in Relation to Learner Goals - Goal Completion (mp4)
Developing an Assessment Strategy & Using Assessment Results to Inform Agency Targets (mp4)

Soft Skills and Literacy and Basic Skills (2018) (rtf file for download)
Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs have always integrated soft skills into learner plans. However, with the growing interest around soft skills, it might be time to make LBS’ role in developing soft skills more explicit.
This resource is a step in that direction. We have put it together to

  • assist LBS programs in documenting what they already do to increase learners’ soft skills
  • identify community partnerships that show some good practices related to soft skill development
  • provide some resources to LBS programs that may want to increase their soft skill programming

Step by Step to Success in Transition-Oriented Programming (2018)
QUILL Learning Network and Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network
LBS programs are working to attain the “Fully in Place” marker in the Ministry’s Agency Self-Assessment tool for implementing the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).  Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network (SMLN) and QUILL interviewed LBS programs, across the province, which are “Fully in Place” to gather their best practices and samples of their documents.

Targeted Training through LBS List (2018)
Compiled by Adult Basic Education Association on behalf of the Learning Networks of Ontario
Targeted training refers to any specific, short term training.  For example, 6 weeks of apprenticeship math, 3 months of soft skills training etc.  Targeted training may be for specific audiences, for example, OW, youth, or older workers. Use this list to get information about training developed by agencies across the province. Connect with the developers for more details.Compiled by Adult Basic Education Association